AICPA webcast: Gender Responsive Budgeting: A different way of thinking about budgeting (4 June noon-2pm , BST)

AICPA: Gender responsive budgeting coming soon on 4 June 2020, noon-2pm BST!

Gillian Fawcett, PFW will be speaking about gender responsive budgeting as part of an AICPA webcast.  This is a topical and developing area of public financial management offering an approach to budgeting that uses fiscal policy and administration to advance gender equality and the development of women. It is gaining popularity among governments around the world and offers a unique approach to formulating a budget in a gender responsive way and linking gender responsive policies so that women and men are treated equitably. Go to the events webpage of this site to find out more. Joining details can be found here and on the events page. Click on: .



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