Audit and Accountability Failure in Local Government? PFW speaks out at a Research for Action event

Audit and Accountability Failure in Local Government?

It was a pleasure to take part in the above discussion led by Research for Action

Gillian, Co-Founder of PFW reflected on what we have lost since the demise of the Audit Commission in the England. In her view we have lost the accumulated audit knowledge of the sector, a skilled and talented workforce; and a body of people that shared the same values of wanting to improve public services. It was an independent critical friend of local government and not the enemy as some would have it. The Audit Commission had a shared vision for delivering excellent public services.

But time has moved on and audit continues to be a messy business for public services. It is fragmented across a range of bodies with no clear line of sight for the public to raise objections and Public Interest Reports have been minimal since 2015. The convoluted audit system we have in place for local services has the potential to undermine accountability rather than uphold it.

Some interesting summer listening and we would like to hear your views.


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