Aims and Benefits of the Mentoring Scheme


Public Finance by Women (PFW) offers women at all stages in their careers working in public finance the opportunity to connect to people, share experiences and explore with a mentor career opportunities and choices, including how to set about making progress in their careers.

Benefits to you


  • Access to a diverse range of mentors from around the world committed to helping you fulfil your career potential
  • Structured guidance and support introducing you to the building blocks of the Thinking EnvironmentTM  that will be of value in all aspects of your career
  • One-to-one support so your needs can be addressed
  • On-line meetings with other mentees on the programme to develop your professional network and connections
  • Obtain a greater awareness of different cultures and diversity in thinking and learning.



  • Introduction to the Thinking EnvironmentTM, a fresh and rewarding approach to leadership and mentoring
  • An opportunity to support women starting or pursuing a career in public finance and obtain satisfaction that comes from helping them succeed
  • Develop a greater awareness of different cultures and diversity in thinking and learning
  • Connect to a global network of women and men working in public finance
  • Access to training materials and guidance on using the Thinking EnvironmentTM

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