What to Expect

The concept behind the programme is that it is global so that mentors and mentees may find they are located in different countries. We have opted for this approach, as it will help develop greater awareness of different cultures and diversity of thinking.

The programme was successfully piloted in 2020. Numbers will be limited as we are gradually scale up the programme to ensure on-going quality.



We are reaching out to all women working in the field of public finance, at any level or grade, specialism and experience. We are going beyond the accountancy profession to include women working as budget holders, accounting technicians, finance business partners, professional accountants, auditors, consultants, economists and students.

We also include women working in specialist areas for example, anti-fraud and corruption, taxation, capital finance, health finance etc., and young women seeking a career in public finance.



We welcome approaches from persons, particularly women wishing to act as mentors from all parts of the globe. We are looking for those who can demonstrate substantial experience in the field of public finance and are at a sufficiently senior grade to the mentee. We envisage that they will come from a range of backgrounds, cultures, languages and experiences.

They will be enthusiastic volunteers who want to give something back to help advance other women’s careers. Also, they will benefit from developing themselves.

Potential mentors will receive guidance and induction at the beginning of the programme. Importantly, this will stress that the role of mentor will be to facilitate and encourage, and not to provide specific problem-centred advice.



All of the above, but in addition opportunities for employees both potential mentors and mentees to have access to a wider range of contacts and support networks

Assistance with developing a fresh approach to mentoring and leadership internally together with having access to a wider network

A mentoring scheme that can help improve both performance and the culture of the organisation

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