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Note: this section of the website and materials are under development. But we will be launching a toolkit for helping women to establish local networks in September 2019.

Whilst many of our training courses will be developed in the future to address a broad range of skills and development areas, in the first instance, we will be launching some fun and innovative materials to help women set up local networks, which can evolve to become part of the greater PFW network in the future.

The establishment of local networks are an important factor in helping to support women in the workplace to make connections and share ideas within their localities. The materials and guidance will provide a launch pad for women wanting to make a difference locally, raise awareness about the importance of gender equality and ensure that it is embedded into public finance. We will help you to build momentum locally so that profile of women and the added value they bring to the performance of public finance can be better recognised and heard.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to practical, fun and creative materials to support the development of your local network
  • Your personal development will be enhanced by leading or taking part in the network
  • Opportunities to learn lessons and identify career development opportunities from others within the network
  • Long term connections at a local and global level of women and men working in public finance
  • Establishing a potential influential group on gender equality issues to bring about change locally.

If you would like to know more please contact us at:

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