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Change the future of women in Public Finance

Every day, women around the world in public finance are often overlooked as a vital talent or face gender discrimination during their careers. We need to change this by advancing gender equality and equipping women with the support networks and career development tools so that they can succeed and make a difference to the public they serve.

By supporting Public Finance by Women (PFW) your donation can make a huge difference to the futures of women in this important area of finance. We know that in some country’s governments find it is difficult to recruit women into public finance positions, whereas in other countries, women haven’t got the support networks and access to mentoring and career advice to help them succeed. We believe that, by helping to develop the skills and experience of all members of the workforce, we can contribute to the more effective allocation of public funds to meet the challenges of this generation.

Your donation will help to fund the scaling up and development of our re-defining leadership global mentoring scheme for women and training and support materials to help them throughout their careers, as well as funding research and advocacy to advance gender equality.

With the right amount of resource PFW can really make a difference by supporting women to succeed in their careers and by helping them to influence decisions about how and where public money is spent. Women in public finance can have a huge influence over lifting other females out of poverty. This is why stable and reliable resource support is critical to our growing organisation so that we can make a difference.

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