Increasing Women’s Leadership in Public Financial Management (PFM), 3 December 2020

Date: 2nd December 2020


We are super delighted to be attending the third workshop hosted by INTOSAI (IDI) with the support of the International Budget Partnership and UN Women on 3 December  to discuss 'Increasing Women's Leadership in Public Financial Management (PFM)'. Former workshops included, ministries of finance and civil society organisations. We are expecting participants from a broad range of countries and supreme audit institutions. As always PFW is prepared to play a full part!

Join us on 10 December (1-2pm) for our virtual event ‘Rise Beyond Your Limits’

Date: 19th November 2020

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We are delighted to be hosting 'Rise Beyond Your Limits' on 10 December 1-2pm (GMT). In this seminar we will be exploring how you can build your personal profile and overcome some of the barriers that women face. We will be joined by two young women who will share their ideas about personal branding and how to maintain your profile. Zohra Hamidi is a professional accountant working in the higher education sector and is leading the way on promoting gender. She will be joined by Dr Evangeline Tsao a gender equality research fellow at York University.  We are very much looking forward to the discussion. You can register by dropping us a line to


Join us: Gender responsive budgeting with AICPA/CIMA on 8 December 2020, 5-7pm GMT.

Date: 9th November 2020

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We are delighted to be delivering our second webcast on gender responsive budgeting with AICPA/CIMA on 8 December 2020, 5-7pm GMT.

At a time when inequalities are growing around the world there is a renewed interest in exploring some of the creative and unique approaches used by governments  to formulate their budgets in a gender responsive way.  Join the discussion and gain some new insights on budget formulation and execution.  400 people plus visited our first webcast so let’s double it this time around.  You can register by visiting:



Increasing Women’s Leadership in Public Financial Management (PFM) 22 October 2020

Date: 28th October 2020


We were delighted to be invited to be to the first event hosted by the International Budget Partnership, UN Women and INTOSAI (IDI) on 22 October with civil society organisations (CSOs) to discuss 'Increasing Women's Leadership in Public Financial Management (PFM)'. This is the first of a series of events drawing together the views of CSOs, Ministries of Finance and Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) from around the world. Participants from 34 countries and a diverse range of CSOs joined the first workshop sharing diversity of views - it was simply buzzing with thoughts and ideas! We will be attending all three events so watch this space.

Join us for a virtual workshop ‘Redefining Leadership in a Brave New World’,  New date 23 October 2020, 1 – 3pm GMT

Date: 13th July 2020


Redefining Leadership in a Brave New World’,  new date, 23 October 2020, 1- 3pm GMT

Together we are facing uncertain times. COVID-19, a deep economic recession and widening equalities gap are affecting all aspects of our lives. With the incredible speed at which circumstances are evolving around us, now is the time to re-imagine what sort of leaders we want driving public policy and finance in this Brave New World so that we can continue to adapt and innovate. Participants came together to discuss leadership qualities and the diversity of leadership styles.  A lively debate ensued with strong support for leaders who value cognitive diversity and create positive environments that place a strong emphasis on the quality of an individual’s thinking.  See the agenda and presentation by Sumita Shah, PFM consultant  Redefining Leadership for a Brave New World  PFW Redefining Leadership revised final

BDO consulting: Women Working in Development, 2 July 2020

Date: 23rd June 2020

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PFW is delighted to be invited to a BDO consulting event: Women Working in Development on 2 July. The event will focus on 'Diversity in development: Are we doing enough? The event will explore the extent to which the sector encourages diversity and attracts talent, as well as considering how diversity can impact on programme delivery. There are a range of speakers (see invitation) that will explore these issues from the consultancy world together with speakers from BAME practitioners in International Development.  Watch out for further updates.

AICPA/CIMA: Gender Responsive Budgeting: A different way of thinking about budgeting, 4 June, 5pm BST

Date: 5th May 2020

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Gillian Fawcett alongside Maja Bosnic, Director of Business Development, Niras Consulting, was delighted to present on  gender responsive budgeting as part of an AICPA/CIMA webcast (4 June, 5pm, BST). This is a topical and developing area of public financial management offering an approach to budgeting that uses fiscal policy and administration to advance gender equality and the development of women. It is gaining popularity among governments around the world and offers a unique approach to formulating a budget in a gender responsive way.

406 participants joined the webinar and raised a number of challenging questions.

We covered gender responsive budgeting using fiscal policy and administration to advance gender equality, the wider policy context surrounding the introduction of gender responsive budgeting and lessons learned and good practice from international jurisdiction case studies. Maja specifically focused on the Ukraine and Philippines.

A podcast of the webinar will be coming soon and we will post here. Gillian Fawcett's and Maja Bosnic's presentations can be found here:


Presentation_GRB_ Ukraine for CIMA PFW 03.06.2020 (1)

PFW joins IRSPM to discuss ‘Accounting and Accountability for the Digital Transformation of Public Services’ 22 April 2020

Date: 27th April 2020


On 22 April 2020, PFW was delighted to join a group of connecting scholars and practitioners in the field public service accounting and accountability to discuss different angles of 'Accounting and Accountability for the Digital Transformation of Public Services'. While distance teaching and virtual meetings have sparked a very personal digital transformation in many of us, the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) could not have hoped for a better experience during the Digital Panel and Informal Meet-Up.

The Panel (consisting of short paper presentations and discussions over two sessions) and the Informal Meet-Up (an open space to talk about puzzling questions of accounting and accountability in or throughout the digital transformation of public services - but even more so, to talk about how to survive and thrive through the digital revolution of our core activities) have served as a sounding board for colleagues from three continents. Up to 74 participants to the paper presentations and participated in exchanging views on current and the future research in the field of public service accounting and accountability.


PFW talking gender to Grant Thornton UK LLP Public Diversity and Inclusion Group

Date: 21st April 2020


In late March, we were invited by Grant Thornton Public Services London team to join a virtual celebration session for Women’s History Month. Mitzi Wyman, Board Member and Gillian Fawcett (Founder) were guest speakers and were joined by other female leaders to share their unique perspectives. GT advisory Partner Will McWilliams also addressed the discussion as the GT Public Service Diversity and Inclusion group lead. The event was well received by the audience and drew a lot of interests in PFW.  The policy paper ‘levelling the playing field for women accessing senior posts in public finance’ was later shared with the attendees along with a further introduction of PFW, which was presented to OECD in early March.

PFW attends 20th Annual OECD Senior Financial Management and Reporting Officials Symposium in Paris (2-3 March 2020)

Date: 4th March 2020


PFW was delighted to be asked to present at the 20th Annual OECD Senior Financial Management and Reporting Officials Symposium in Paris to talk about how important diversity and inclusion is for government finance functions. The event is normally attended by representatives from ministries of finance in OECD countries. Gillian Fawcett contributed to a session devoted to discussing the effectiveness of government finance functions, skills development and people. The session also considered the changing role of finance professionals because of reporting and technological advances. Other speakers were from the World Bank, Swedish and UK Governments.

To find out about what was covered by PFW see the attached slides which highlight some key areas including:  a finance function’s performance can be improved by having a diversity strategy; diversity and inclusion should be an important part of good governance; and CFO’s will need to adjust their leadership styles to become more in tune with diversity, experiences and challenges.   PFWOECD2020a

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