Hampton-Alexander Review – Championing more women on FTSE boards and in Leadership

Take a look at the 4th annual report published by the Hampton - Alexander Review (UK). The publication reports on progress made against a voluntary target of 33% for increasing the number of women on FTSE boards and into leadership positions. Whilst significant progress has been made - moving from 11% of female representation in 2011 to over 32% in 2019, there is still further progress to make.

The findings of the 4th Annual Report are relevant to public finance as it highlights how a concerted effort and campaign can result to in changing the gender dynamic. There are some lessons to be learnt. See https://ftsewomenleaders.com

However, when it comes to a gender balance for senior functional roles, such as directors of finance, the picture is less rosy. Only 15% of women are directors of finance. Equally, in terms of top appointments for executive roles, the number of men is 66% opposed to 33% of women applying for these positions.

We need to do better and discuss what are the root causes whether structural and/or cultural that need to be overcome. PFW will be discussing this at a roundtable hosted by Grant Thornton LLP UK on 5 December 2019. A short policy paper will follow.


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