House of Common’s Committee for Women & Equalities publishes ‘Unequal Impact? Coronavirus & the Gendered Economic Impact’

The UK Parliamentary 'Women and Equalities' Committee published its report and findings this week on the gendered economic impact of coronavirus 'Unequal Impact? Coronavirus & the Gendered Economic Impact.' It made a number of recommendations in respect of economic interventions for jobs and employment benefits, as well as touching on reporting of the gender pay gap.

We are pleased to see that it reinforced some of our earlier findings as reported in 'Mind the Gap: COVID 19, Gender and Government Financial Policy'. The Committee's report called for mainstreaming gender equality across all government departments, the systematic completion of impact equality assessments before policy decisions are made, particularly for jobs & employment and investment decisions. It also called for the systematic publication of data disaggregated by gender and protected characteristics.  Much needs to be improved around recognising that women are disadvantaged because of care giving, ensuring investments are not skewed towards male dominated sectors and to improved the under representation of women in some sectors.



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