Join our virtual workshop ‘Redefining Leadership in a Brave New World’, 11 September 1.00-3pm BST

We invite you to join our virtual workshop ‘Redefining Leadership in a Brave New World’, 11 September 1.00-3pm BST

Together we are facing uncertain times. COVID-19, a deep economic recession and widening equalities gap are affecting all aspects of our lives. With the incredible speed at which circumstances are evolving around us, now is the time to re-imagine what sort of leaders in we want driving public policy and finance so that we can continue to adapt and innovate.

Increasingly public bodies around the world are looking for leaders that are capable of adapting their leadership styles for a variety of challenges and experiences. They want leaders who value cognitive diversity and create positive environments that place a strong emphasis on the quality of an individual’s thinking. These combined skills can have a huge impact on the performance of organisations.

You will benefit from networking with your peers and learn about leadership through the lens of the ‘Thinking Environment’ approach. The session will be led by Mitzi Wyman who is a leading expert in the field. The focus will be on you as a leader and the quality of thinking, personal leadership style and the value of cognitive diversity. We will also be joined by an inspirational speaker in public finance.

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