Life Beyond the Numbers: Susan Ní Chríodáin interviews Gillian Fawcett about PFW and what drives her

As some background, Life Beyond the Numbers is for people who are curious about having a more fulfilling work- life. The podcast places a lens on the human side of work-life. Guests come from a variety of backgrounds, including accounting and finance. They are united in their belief of putting people first and inspiring listeners to let their uniqueness shine through in their work-life.

The host, Susan Ní Chríodáin, founded Beyond the Numbers to work with organisations who recognise that putting people first generates the greatest return. Her experience and business acumen stem from a wide variety of commercial and non-profit operational, project and financial roles. For over 20 years she led and managed a wide variety of teams in Europe, Africa, Asia, in-person and remotely. A Finance Director at 33 she learnt that to have an impact required you to be brave, bold and to build strong working relationships. It wasn’t enough to be technically excellent; putting people first was key. She has a practical, no-nonsense approach to understanding and resolving other people’s problems no matter how intractable they might seem.

Susan interviewed Gillian and they fitted a lot in, ranging from details about how PFW came about to sharing snippets about her career. To find out more visit:


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