Local Government Audit and Accountability 29 June 2021

Research for Action: Local audit and accountability
Looking forward to sharing my views tomorrow (29 June) on local audit and accountability at a Research for Action UK event. Come and join us 10-11:30am, register here
It promises to be a good debate and will consider whether audit and accountability is failing together with its impact on local government, including how to best tackle it. Whilst there is growing recognition for the need for audit reform in the private sector after audit failure has contributed to several high-profile bankruptcies in the 2000s there has been no such focus on public sector audit.
I will be joining a group of experts to start a dialogue between stakeholders who are calling for improved audit in public and private sectors. Speakers include:

Research for Action, Megan Waugh
Emeritus Professor Prem Sikka, University of Essex
Professor Adam Leaver, University of Sheffield
Simon Morrow, Lambeth People’s Audit
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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