Mind the Gap: COVID-19, Gender and Govt Financial Policy – new publication

PFW new publication - Mind the gap: COVID19, Gender and Government Financial Policy

As a matter of urgency, governments around the world should learn the lessons from those of their policy and financial responses to COVID-19 that failed to take account of gender, and not turn back the tide on gender equality.

With the incredible speed in which the ramifications of COVID-19 are evolving around us, Public Finance by Women (PFW) conducted a short survey to take views from individuals who work in public finance about whether government COVID-19 public policy and financial responses were gender - blind.

139 responses from 21 countries were received with Canada and South Africa providing the highest number of responses. Although much has already been published by academics and commentators about the impact of the pandemic on gender, we still need to better understand its full impact: our report provides fresh insights on whether differences in gender needs have been perceived as met. Se the report and press release:


Mind the gap


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