Money Movers: Greening our Finances: How can business support people take climate action? 6 July 13.00- 14.00 BST online

PFW is delighted to share with you this event and we encourage you to attend online.
The event is hosted by Money Movers, a movement of women taking climate action with their personal finances, through getting together with friends and colleagues. So far, women in Money Movers pilots have moved over £1.2million for the planet, taking part in a 3-session programme, leading to actions such as switching their bank accounts, pensions, savings and investments to greener options.Money Movers’ goal is to empower 30,000 women globally to move £1billion for the planet by 2030. Money Movers’ goal is to empower 30,000 women globally to move £1billion for the planet by 2030.

The discussion will be hosted by Charlene Cranny. Confirmed panellists include:

  • Lisa Ashford, CEO & Director at Ethex and Energise Africa
  • Ellen Harrison, Corporate Projects Manager at Triodos Bank UK
  • Rebecca O'Connor, Head of Pensions and Savings at interactive investor, and Founder of Good with Money
  • Stephanie Biden, Partner in Charity & Social Enterprise team at Bates Wells
  • Anneka Deva, Partnerships Director at Money Movers

The panellists will discuss the role of business in unlocking the powerful potential of moving our money for the planet. This is a must attend event if you're serious about gender and the environment. When it comes to doing our bit for the climate, there’s a huge potential for action that many of us have, without even realising it. Business can also play a valuable role in unlocking the powerful potential scale.

Taking climate action through personal finance can have a significant impact. Studies show that where we hold our bank accounts, savings, investments, and pensions there the potential for enormous environmental impact. For example, moving towards a greener pension is 21x morepowerful for climate impact than stopping flying, going vegetarian, or changing energy supplier.

At the same time, there’s a growing recognition of the role of business in climate action, with more businesses than ever integrating climate into their core business strategy. This is an area of innovation and energy for a growing number of businesses who are taking their role on climate seriously. And there’s a growing business imperative to do so; nearly two-thirds of millennials say they take a company’s social and environmental commitments into account when weighing a job offer.

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