PFW: Levelling the playing field for women accessing senior posts in public finance

Our new policy paper launched today calls for Leadership to be redefined.

In these testing times it is good to focus on something positive. In this instance, we are shining a light on the skills we want from leaders both today and tomorrow.

One of the biggest leadership adjustments that needs to be made by leaders relates to them being more in tune with diversity and equality. A redefined leader will adjust her/his leadership style so as to accommodate a variety of experiences and challenges and give priority to ‘quality’ and ‘equality’ of thinking by individuals.

A redefined leader will inspire and motivate diverse teams so that they flourish and create organisational environments that recognise that the quality of everything we do begins with the quality of thinking and how we treat each other equally. The redefined leader will have no sense of personal ‘entitlement’ and will be a facilitator, influencer, innovator and collaborator.

In keeping with this vision of a new style of leadership, re-defining leadership is the cornerstone of our international mentoring programme. The approach is strongly focused on equipping females with the skills to become the fresh thinking leaders of the future. Take a look at our new policy paper that calls for ten actions to be taken by organisations and individuals. PFWPolicyPaper2020b


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