PFW survey: Public opinion on whether governments are taking account of gender issues in their policy & economic responses to COVID-19

We surveyed people on whether or not their country’s public policy and financial responses to COVID-19 applied a gender perspective. We would like to say a big thank you to those of you who took time to complete it.

We were delighted to receive 137 responses from self- selected individuals from 24 countries, including Canada in the Global North to Kenya in the Global South.

In response to our first question as to whether individuals thought that their country’s economic and financial response to COVID-19 took account of gender

74 (54%) of individuals said ‘no’

42 (31%) of individuals said ‘yes’ and

21 (15%) ‘didn’t know’.

These findings are based on individual’s perceptions of what actions governments have taken in relation to integrating a gender perspective into COVID-19 policy and financial responses. Watch this space for further analysis of the survey findings.


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