Public Money & Management: Special Edition on Gender in Public Administration and Finance, Volume 41, Issue 7, 2021

PFW is so excited to see Public Money & Management publish a special edition devoted to Gender in Public Administration & Finance. Volume 41 (Issue 7) 2021. It promises to thrill the reader with insights on topics such as gender responsive budgeting. The list of contributors is extensive, but starts off with 'Experiences and challenges of gender responsive budgets - moving towards responsive forms of accountability', authored by Giovanna Galizzi, Elina Meliou and Ileana Steccolini.  This is followed in the journal by 'Debate Gender Responsive Budgeting - moving towards equality for women and men' by Marlyn M. Robin and John R. Bartle.  There are many other articles of interest and is a must read this autumn.




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