The fifth and final report from the Hampton-Alexander Review, ‘Improving gender balance – five year summary report’

Today the Hampton-Alexander Review was published its fifth and final report on women in senior leadership positions on boards of the FTSE 350 Companies.

The Hampton-Alexander Review was an independent, voluntary and business-led initiative supported by Government to increase the representation of women in senior leadership positions and on boards of FTSE 350 Companies. The scope of the review covered over 23,000 leadership roles in the UK's largest listed companies, covering the board and two leadership layers below the board.

The review celebrated their achievements in that the voluntary target of 33% representation of women on boards was exceeded. However, it is still the case that too few women hold senior roles in executive positions, including CEO and CFO positions. Only 17% of DoFs are women. There is still a long journey ahead to achieve gender parity, although most companies now prioritise and value diversity and inclusion. The report points to the importance of mentoring, sponsorship and role models in helping women to succeed. We applaud the Hampton-Alexander Team and hope that at some stage we see the same progress made for women in public financial management. See the detailed report



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