Under the spotlight: Mariam Umarji, Senior PFM specialist and founder of a successful management company in Mozambique

Mariam Umarji

Continuing with our theme of interviews with magnificent women who give a lot to the world of Public Finance Management, Mariam Umarji is the latest female to be put under the PFW spotlight. She has had an amazing career providing technical support in Portuguese speaking countries in Sub Sharan Africa and is founder of a management consultancy company that was listed as one of the best SMEs in 2014 and 2015.

She tells us about her life during lockdown, the best parts of her job and what inspires her. Interesting that she finds her inspiration from we 'the PFM people' that work tirelessly behind the scenes to support effective service delivery and outcomes. She imagines herself as one of the 'invisible army' that make it work for everyone. Her funniest moment makes you chuckle. Imagine being commissioned to carry out a risk assessment only to find out that your client is named Dr Risk!  I'm sure many of us can relate to this.  Read more about her PFWMU


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