We are celebrating International Women’s Day by recognising Women’s contribution to Protecting Our Planet

We are celebrating International Women's Day by recognising the contribution women in PFM can bring to protecting our planet and what difference gender equality can make to the environment when applying a gender lens to climate policy, budgeting, auditing and scrutiny.

At a time when global temperatures are rising, oceans are warming, ice sheets shrinking and sea levels rising, women continue to be disproportionately impacted by the climate change. But if women become actively engaged in policy investment and resource decisions, they can have a powerful role to play in positively influencing climate change and protecting natural resources.

In acknowledgement of ‘International Women’s Day’ together with thinking ahead to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), Public Finance by Women (PFW) is sharing ten facts (the good, bad and the ugly), linking  gender, public financial management (PFM) and the environment

We strongly believe that with the involvement of women and mainstreaming of gender equality throughout the policy processes we can make better environmental policy and budget decisions, improve the measurement and reporting on environmental impact, and develop effective auditing and scrutiny practices to hold governments to account.  Read about the 10 great facts PFWIntWomensday-2


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