Welcome Aliya Boranbayeva and Sumita Shah to our International Advisory Group

Our representation on the PFW International Advisory Group (IAG) just goes from strength to strength!

We would like to welcome Sumita Shah and Aliya Boranbayeva to our IAG. Sumita is well known in the public finance world, particularly for her strong professional accountancy contributions to public finance when she spearheaded ICAEW's public sector strategy. But also she has given a lot back in relation to her international volunteering roles in a variety of humanitarian settings. What she hasn't said in her biography is that she has also successfully made the trek to Everest's base camp!

Aliya started her career in journalism and has worked on projects in a range of interesting countries such as China, Russia and Azerbaijan. She has also worked for a period with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development as a communication specialist. She is now specialising in global public policy at Potsdam University, with a particular interest in public finance.  It's fabulous to have her on board with PFW.

To find out more about Sumita and Aliya go to the International Advisory Group web page.


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