Women’s Leadership in Public Finance – The way to go!

A fantastic piece of news - Women's Leadership in Public Finance was discussed across key organisations. At #CSW on 17 March 2021, the INTOSAI Improvement & Development Agency (IDI), the International Budget Partnership (IBP), and UN Women hosted a lively discussion supporting female leadership in public finance. Watch it on: http://ow.ly/ji9r50EhhTo

This event couldn't be more timely as less than a third of all SAI heads are women and only 11% of countries had finance portfolios held by women. The event was chaired by H.E. Malado Kaba, Board Member, International Budget Partnership & former Minister of Finance, Republic of Guinea.

It is clear that structural and institutional barriers need to change if we are to achieve gender equality and we must find pathways for collective action. Our top ten take aways from the event included:

(1) devising inclusive policies that promote diversity; (2) improving the data so that we can find better solutions; (3) improving early years education and access to services; (4) fighting poverty and social mobility; (5) creating flexible job practices and new ways of working; (6) improving auditing plans to promote gender equality; (7) integrating gender equality into capacity building; (8) focusing on mentoring and support to promote confidence and resilience: (9) highlighting role models and improving the visibility of women leaders; and finally (10) owning our own achievements and successes.


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